A Man’s Guide to Wearing Graphic Tees

Everyone has at least one design t shirt in their wardrobe.  It’s a basic type of garment, and most people are less likely to consider it a fashion-forward piece. But think again. Some of the most fashionable celebrities and icons wear design t shirt, graphic tees in particular, while still looking very stylish.

That means that even with just graphic tees, you too can really pull off a style that stands out. There are just guidelines you need to keep in mind when wearing graphic tees to achieve a voguish look.

  1. Wear graphic tees that fit your body well

Choose a design t shirt that is not too loose nor too long. Long shirts puff out when tucked in, so make sure it’s just halfway down the zipper. Tight shirts, on the other hand, can make you feel uncomfortable especially if you have protruding stomach and man boobs or if you sweat profusely.

Plus, a well-fitted shirt is versatile to wear as you can layer on a jacket or blazer. You can be confident wearing a shirt that feels comfortable and seems perfectly-made for you.

  1. Choose tees that suit your style

Channel your inner rock star by wearing tees with vintage band designs. It’s nostalgic to see these kinds of graphics, so anyone who could relate to it would love your shirt and see you as someone who’s as cool as their favorite band.

But in case you’re passionate about something else other than music, you can choose to wear a design t shirt with other retro designs such as a vintage cars or classic logos of famous brands.

You can also sport tees with geometric prints, skulls, and short slogans. Just make sure the graphic tees with texts don’t contain vulgar words and pornographic images if you don’t want people raising eyebrows on you.

  1. Avoid wearing vibrant-colored tees

There are people who love to wear a bright-colored shirt during summer because it fits the season. There’s nothing wrong with it, but make sure to pair the shirt with a simple denim jeans and low key sneakers to make it easy on the eyes. Using too many colors, prints, and texture could spell disaster.

And while it is fun wearing tees with eye-catching colors, consider toning down a bit. Neon colors can be too loud and distracting. A muted or neutral shade is the better choice as it is safe yet still classy.

  1. design t shirtPick versatile graphic tees

Wearing a blazer or jacket can add a sense of style to your street smart look.

That’s why a versatile graphic tee would be perfect. It usually contains text or graphics that are still readable or recognizable even when you are wearing an outerwear.

Pair that design t shirt with a neutral-colored blazer, skinny denim jeans, and low key shoes and you’re good to go.

You can wear this look in a meeting with your colleagues, a party with your friends or a date with someone special and you’ll surely leave a lasting good impression.

  1. Keep the graphics minimal

If your shirt is bombarded with too many graphics, you’ll look like a graffiti wall. Onlookers will not know where to look and will probably find it hard to understand what you are trying to express with your clothes.

Remember that a well-designed shirt is like a well-written copy. It can clearly express your thoughts and emotions if it’s simple and direct to the point. So, keep the graphics minimal.

Another way of achieving a minimalist style is to don a classic white tee with bold text or image. Wear it with plain white pants. Then wear a pair of leather boots to make it the focal point.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on different combinations. You can never go wrong as long as you avoid wearing your old teenage shirts and those with scandalous slogans about religion, sex, and racism.

These are just guidelines to help you choose the right graphic tee to look hic and stylish. But remember: at the end of the day, it’s not what you wear that matters but how you wear it. People notice your confidence more than they notice your clothes.

Wearing graphic tees is certainly the easiest and more practical way to express your personality, mood, and identity. And when you are too shy to introduce who you are, let your design t shirt do the talking!